Firefighter Career Guide.

Firefighting is both challenging and rewarding career. These professionals are always in demand since they not only are able to cope with fire to save property, but also apply first aid until medical team arrives. Oftentimes, firefighter is the first line of attack when it comes to saving people’s lives.

Learn about becoming a firefighter.

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Why become a firefighter?

Fast-growing career

Promising job outlook

Job outlook for firefighters is promising, but it’s not the job for everyone. The very basic requirement is excellent physical fit: firemen need to use heavy equipment, their gear is not light as well in order to give protection. But except that, it’s required to show good results in testing and all aspects of training to be competitive among other candidates.
Becoming a firefighter

How to start?

Usually, to become a firefighter you will need to accomplish 2-year Associate’s Degree in Fire Science. This is becoming a very common requirement among employers. Previously, it was possible to get a job with high-school diploma and formal on-the-job training, but since competition is very high today, it’s difficult to land a job without a degree.
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More facts about the job:

More complex than it seems​

Fighting fire is not that easy as it may seem from the first glance, therefore quality training is beneficial just like teamwork and excellent organization.

Job security

Since firefighters are exposed to danger on a daily basis throughout their career, they get compensated with very reasonable salaries and benefits, like full insurance or dental coverage.

Working hours

These may vary greatly, though. Depending on circumstances, working hours can exceed 40 per week.

Always on-call

During their shifts, firefighters are always on call and should be prepared for emergencies at any given time.